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Team Selling Competition Details

Two competitors from the same school will enter the room together to sell to the customer.  Here are are few things to note:
  • This round of competition allows for a lot of creativity.  The team can play the role of salesperson/sales manager, or two salespeople.  Whichever is chosen, make your role clear, and stay in character throughout the role-play.  The customer is instructed to follow your lead.
  • This role-play is 15 minutes, with a knock at 12 minutes (3 minutes remaining).
  • The score sheet is the same as the individual role-play competitors, and each team is scored on one sheet.  Each judge will score the team (no group consensus).  The score sheet can be found here.
  • The team that scores the highest total points wins.  (There is no special scoring like the individual role-plays.)
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