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Team Selling

While most salespeople are measured on individual metrics, they work together with their team to accomplish goals and expectations.  Sometimes, a sales manager is called into a sales meeting to reinforce the deal or provide insight a sole salesperson cannot.  In a variety of ways, team selling innately occurs in practice.


Once again for the 2023 Bayou Sales Challenge, the two alternates from each school will be eligible to compete in the team selling round.  This competition is ideal for new sales students who may find comfort in approaching competition as a team while they are early in their academic sales training.  The team selling competition may also be good for those students who work very well with each other to advance the sales process.


The team selling competition will have one round only, and the best team (by overall raw score) wins this round of the competition.  (Note: this round will be judged by only one set of judges for consistency.)  Alternates may choose not to compete in the team selling competition.

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