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Participating Universities

We welcome you, we'll challenge you, and we want to see you succeed!  These are likely three phrases the coaches have said and students have heard before.  To all the participating universities, we hope you'll find the Bayou Sales Challenge one of the greatest learning experiences.

To the Coaches

Thank you, thank you!  Your tireless dedication to the field of sales enables students, industry, and education - simultaneously.  You've likely spent countless hours teaching, coaching, listening, mentoring, and advocating for your sales students.  With sincere appreciation for all you do with sales, thank you.

To the Students

Students come to the Bayou Sales Challenge for a learning opportunity, and we promise to challenge you.  Some of you have merely expressed an interest in sales, some have beaten out peers in internal competitions to get here, and many are earning a degree in professional selling.  You all deserve to be here because you share one thing: your desire to learn about sales will make you a better salesperson.
We wish you great luck at the competition (and beyond)!
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