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The Bill Hornsby Sales Lab

About Our Lab

A generous donation in 2004 from Mr. Bill Hornsby with Northwestern Mutual which allowed Nicholls State University to develop its sales lab and, since, it has undergone two separate facelifts.  Located in Powell Hall (Rm. 209), the sales and interactive training lab is fit with five sales labs, a control room, and teaching studio.

The Bill Hornsby Sales Lab would not be here without the generous donation and tremendous support of Mr. Hornsby. It was not uncommon for Mr. Hornsby to offer is time to help students each semester. Mr. Hornsby had a special way of listening and would speak to students on the importance of truly listening to clients. Nicholls State University is forever grateful for everything Mr. Hornsby made possible.

Each lab contains a circular table, three office chairs and an iPad to record sessions. The sessions are uploaded to the cloud and can be accessed by students. Zoom enables instructors, students, business professionals and essentially anyone he ability to be present from anywhere. Students are able to, with a username and password, immediately access their lab sessions from a mobile device or computer via state-of-the-art technology that audio and video records sessions.

In the future, if you are interested in touring our facility, sponsoring one of our sales labs, or hosting a training session utilizing our technology, please contact Kaitlin Beier Gravois at  We invite you for a visit!

If you would like to make a donation to maintain The Bill Hornsby Sales Lab you can do so here. We truly appreciate your generosity. 

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