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Creating an #Impact in Sales

Nicholls State University is home to a "Top University for Professional Sales Education", according to (2020).  Programs like this exist because of the countless hours sales team coaches and community volunteers, in addition to generous donors, give to advancing sales programs.  


Why do we care about elevating sales programs?  The impact academic sales programs make is incredible.


  • According to a survey of sales managers (, 2020), sales program graduates ramp up 50% faster than their non-sales educated peers.  They also experience 30% less turnover.


  • Sales program graduates require less training than their non-sales educated peers.  The result is an average savings of +$180k per hire for their recruiting company (, 2020).


Nicholls is an academic institution that is proud to support sales!  We're here to make an #impact.


Nicholls State University has a top sale
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