Career Expo Registration

Below is the registration form for the Career Expo.  All participants should fill out the required form and mail sponsorships by February 8, 2019.  Note: an expo booth will be provided for and is included in the sponsorship for all Partner ($500), Spotlight ($1,000), and Premier sponsors ($2,000); however, we still need each organization to register here for a booth as some may wish not to have a booth.


The Bayou Sales Career Expo registration fee is $100.  Please make checks payable to “NSU Foundation” (NOT the university) by February 8th.  Mail sponsorships to: Annette Adams, P.O. Box 2015, Nicholls State University, Thibodaux, LA 70310.


Since this is our first year registering for the Bayou Sales Career Expo online, please communicate any challenges with us so we can fix it immediately ( /  Thank you!


After completing the form below, make sure you also do the following:


Career Expo Registration Form
If your company is presently hiring, what positions will you be recruiting for at the BSC? (Check all that apply.)
Has your company participated in the BSC before?

Thanks for registering!