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Career Expo

All are Invited

You are invited to participate in the 20th annual Bayou Sales Career Expo!  As a sponsorship opportunity, each year the Bayou Sales Challenge hosts a Career Expo to meet the qualified and previously vetted sales students the competition draws to Thibodaux, Louisiana. 


Some companies are looking to fill local positions, and some have national positions.  Representatives from several companies will be present at the 2024 competition.  See the 2024 Sponsors page to see the companies who will be attending this year!

Already Vetted Sales Students

Why do these companies want to network with our student competitors?  The students have already been vetted through, that's why!  Expressing an interest in sales or winning an internal competition to get to the BSC peaks the interest in our sponsoring companies.

Resumes and Business Cards

In addition to a smile and good handshake, attendees should bring their resumes and business cards to the Career Expo (~30 should be good).  Of course, you should dress for success!

Networking Opportunities

​Some students are looking for a career opportunity and others are looking to have initial conversations on where their career is headed.  Either way, our participating companies have many contacts around the nation and words of wisdom to share.  Have a conversation to see where these networking opportunities can lead you! 


Tip: be able to confidently answer the question, "Tell me about yourself."

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