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A Message from the Director: Save the Date

Dear Students, Coaches, Sponsors, and Volunteers,


Although this is my first year running the Bayou Sales Challenge, I competed in and experienced competitions as a student and I am excited to be hosting all of you for the 20th annual Bayou Sales Challenge in February of 2024. I personally experienced the significant impact that the NSU sales program and sales competitions had on my career when I competed as a student making this event even more special to me.


The Bayou Sales Challenge is known for its strong connection to the region because of its ties to supportive, well-regarded sponsors and volunteers.  While preparing students for success in sales or related careers, top-notch coaches traditionally bring their star students to compete in our two-day role-play competition.  Celebrating the talent we see each year is something I have always looked forward to because when these major pillars convene the students benefit greatly.  I am honored to carry the torch for a wonderful program that enables such a unique opportunity of impact.


The 2024 competition marks the twentieth annual Bayou Sales Challenge and we are excited to have you join us!  Whether your role is a sponsor, coach, competitor, or buyer, you can expect to experience a well-run competition with the same great Southern charm and comradery. 


Students, coaches, and volunteers are the most valuable components of the Bayou Sales Challenge’s success.  I thank each of you for your inherent commitment to making a career in sales one that is worthy of recognition. 


Reach out to me should you have any questions, and cheers to this amazing opportunity to make an #impact with our students.




Kaitlin Beier Gravois

Visiting Assistant Professor of Marketing

Bayou Sales Challenge Director, and Nicholls Sales Team Coach


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