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Volunteers' Registration

Below is the registration form for Bayou Sales Challenge volunteers.  All volunteers should fill out the required form.  For your convenience, each organization needs to only submit one form.  (See details included.)  If your company plans to bring more than three volunteers, submit the first three, then submit the rest after you see the "Thanks for volunteering!" message.

After you complete the registration form below, please let us know what times you are available to volunteer, and what role you like to take part in during the competition (i.e. judge, customer, panel member) by clicking here.

Since this is our first year registering volunteers online, please communicate any challenges with us so we can fix it immediately ( /  Thank you!


After completing the form below, make sure you also do the following:
  • Let us know if you would like a booth at the Career Expo (included for all sponsors).
  • Let us know what times your volunteers can come.
  • RSVP for boxed lunches on Thursday, February 16th (12:00-1 pm).
  • RSVP for the Awards Luncheon on Friday, February 17th (12:30-1:15 pm).
Bayou Sales Challenge Volunteer Registration

Thanks for volunteering!

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