17 Years of Competition

The 2020 Bayou Sales Challenge marks the 17th year of competition! 
Located along Bayou Lafourche at Nicholls State University, the annual sales competition is home to, what has come to be known as, a highly competitive regional sales competition.  Each year, participating universities send their top sales students (and those who are learning) to showcase their sales talent and knowledge in front of company representatives who serve as the competition's judges.

History and Dedication

In 2003, with a generous donation from Northwestern Mutual, Nicholls' state-of-the-art and interactive sales lab was built.  Later that fall, the first Bayou Sales Challenge was held.  In 2005, the competition was cancelled due to Hurricane Katrina, which made 2006 quite productive with a competition each semester.  In 2012, the decision was made to move the competition to the spring semester, and now we are in the 17th year!

Four major components must be in alignment for sales programs at Nicholls and competitions like the Bayou Sales Challenge to happen.  First, there has to be a shared interest in valuing sales programs at the collegiate level.  Second, the support of generous sponsors, who also volunteer their time to help with role-playing and judging, enable the annual competition (and beyond).  Third, students and the region require trained salespeople, and Nicholls is proud to offer a degree in professional sales derived from this demand.  And, fourth, academic institutions must support sales education with dedicated faculty who invest time and wisdom, tirelessly, to teach, coach, and mentor sales students.  Sales programs, like that of Nicholls, is how we create #impact.
Nicholls sales programs depends on faculty and sponsors
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The annual Bayou Sales Challenge is an opportunity for students interested in pursuing a sales career to showcase their professional selling skills.  The 2020 participating schools are:

2020 Participating Universities

Florida State University

Louisiana State University


Nicholls State University

Ryerson University


Southeastern Louisiana University


The University of Louisiana at Lafayette

University of Kansas

University of Southern Mississippi

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